5. Selling Your Items

We have two different types of auction to ensure the right bidder sees your items. We offer various specialty auctions, typically one to two a month. These auctions cater to collectors of specific items, who will pay top dollar for those items. Our specialty sales include: Stamps & Coins, Jewelry & Watches, Dolls, Toys & Trains, Pottery & Porcelain, Military & Firearms, Japanese Art, and more.  We love building new sales around your collections.

Oftentimes, lower value items are sold through our weekly auctions, but again we focus on you and will find the correct auction to maximize your dollars. Our weekly auction will bring you 150,000+ registered bidders in the greater capital area, far more than anyone in this region. Our partner Rasmus, the largest commercial auctioneer in the region, has been exclusively online for close to 20 years calling their last live auction with us in 2003 when we sold the contents of DC restaurant institution Blackies’ House of Beef and Lulu’s Club Mardi Gras.  Our almost two decade old partnership allows us to bring to you the reach that others just can’t.  

And what happens to your items that are not saleable? We take care of that too! We have long standing partnerships with many local businesses including movers and disposal companies. We also work with nonprofits, most notably Northern Virginia Family Service and their Clock Tower thrift store on Annandale road, a short 4-5 blocks from our facility.  If we determine that we cannot sell or items pass at auction we will do our best to donate those to a local thrift store prior to recycling or trash options. 

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1. Ready to consign or have more questions?

If you have an item or items that you are interested in consigning, please contact us at info@quinnsauction.com. In your email please include 1) a photograph of the item (please include a closeup of any signatures), 2) a description and 3) any information you have on its provenance that will help us determine if it is indeed a hidden treasure. When contacting Quinn’s please provide multiple forms of contact. This will allow your Quinn’s representative to more effectively assist you.

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2. When You Come to Us

We accept consignments at our Falls Church location. Please email ahead info@quinnsauction.com to make a weekday appointment to ensure that the right staff members are here to look at your items. Please do not bring items to us during one of our auctions since it is difficult for us to give you and your items the attention they need.

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