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Preview Policy

We have limited in-person preview available and instead will be offering preview digitally. If in-person preview is available for the auction you are bidding in, it will be listed on the catalogue page along with an email of someone to contact to coordinate your in-person preview appointment. If you would like to request a digital preview appointment, additional photos, condition reports, or have questions about the auction please contact

Unfortunately, we cannot offer in-person previews or digital previews for our off-site estate auctions. If you have questions about an item please email and we will try to answer them for you.

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Holding Items

Upon payment we can hold your small lots for up to 2 weeks after the date of the auction. Furniture and other large items can be held for a maximum of 7 days from the date of the auction. Items purchased in the weekly and estate sales will not be held.

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***COVID-19 Protocols: Masks Required, Maintain Social Distance***

Picking up your auction winnings? These tips can help!

You MUST have an appointment to pick up items.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to make and keep their pick-up appointment or to cancel and make a new one if necessary. Removal dates and times are published when each sale is posted. Please consider the removal dates before bidding.  Below are some tips to make the pick-up process at Quinn’s fast and easy. 


  • Within a day of the last item being auctioned, invoices are sent out. Your invoice is sent to the email address in your bidder profile. If you are expecting an invoice and don’t see one, check your spam folder.  

    RASMUS BIDDERS Note –  If you do not receive your invoice you should A) check your spam folder; B) check to make sure the auction is closed – Go to and on the left hand side under the auction header pics, click the checkbox ‘view only open auctions’, this will bring up all the closed auctions – find the auction you bid in. If it is not listed the auction hasn’t yet been closed. If it is listed there you can access your invoice by clicking the small person icon in the upper right. You will see a link ‘view my orders’ click on the link and you can view and print your invoice from this location.

  • Please READ your invoice. Follow the special instructions for each pick-up process in your invoice. Due to Covid-19 and the lingering effects of the pandemic we are continually adapting our pick-up process to provide the best service possible.

  • In your invoice there will be one large green button. Clicking will take you to the sign up sheet where you can select your pick-up time. If you have limited availability for pick-up, you will want to respond as soon as the invoice arrives to have the best chance at getting your desired time slot. We cannot schedule pick-up appointments for you. 
  • If needed, consider hiring Bungii to pick up your items.


  • Be prepared with enough manpower, tools and vehicle space to haul all items at your appointment time. There will NOT be staff available to help lift, move or load any items.  
  • Bring the necessary packing materials for your items.  


  • Please follow the directions as outlined on your invoice. 
  • Have a copy of your invoice handy.
  • OUR GALLERIES ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. YOU WILL NEED TO WAIT OUTSIDE.  We will do our best to have tents set up in the event of inclement weather, but please come prepared to stand in the elements. 
  • You will be required to load your own vehicle; our staff will NOT be able to assist you.  If needed, you must bring your own help. If you are picking up large pieces of furniture you may be asked to park near a specific door to load.  

***If you are picking up items from multiple auctions, please follow the instructions indicated on each of your invoices. ***

We appreciate your patronage and your patience!

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any other questions, please email

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Shipping Policies

Please direct shipping inquiries to Quinn’s Auction Galleries ONLY ship with FedEx Domestic and USPS internationally. We do not ship Media Mail. Shipping costs are based on the weight of your lots and your location. We require a complete shipping address and phone number to process your shipping quote. You will receive your shipping quote in your invoice via your registered email. Once payment is received, Quinn’s will ship items FedEx ground in the United States, USPS International or release items to an outside shipper. We reserve the right to recommend an outside shipper based on fragility and size of lot. We offer recommendations for outside shipping by trusted shippers if necessary. If using an outside shipper, Quinn’s Auction Galleries is not responsible for damages by carriers or packers of purchased lots, whether or not recommended by us, and will not be liable for any losses which result. Payment Policies: Please remit payment by check, money order, cashier’s check, or wire transfer along with a copy of the invoice. For purchases under $4000 credit cards are accepted. We accept Master Card, Visa and American Express. There is a 4% service fee for use of a credit card. Invoices greater than $4000 require payment by certified check, bank check, cash or wire transfer. The Gallery must receive payment in full before any of your merchandise will be available for removal by you or shipped to you. The Gallery reserves the right to hold merchandise purchased by personal check until the check has cleared the bank.

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“Stumped” by American Politics – Past and Present

Monika Schiavo, Waverly Rare Books at Quinn’s Auction Galleries American presidential elections have always been newsworthy events, often providing unexpected twists and turns as candidates travel across the country speaking to voters. The 2016 campaign for the top job at the White House was no exception. While modern campaigns now make use of Twitter and Facebook, an item coming up for auction reminds us that the art of political debate goes back to our country’s founding. Most of us know that the phrase “stump speech” comes from the tradition of campaigners sounding off from the top of a sawed-off log. This activity raised their profile – literally – and gave them a chance to connect to a wider audience. The tree stump in the photo(s) is a reminder of a time when someone running for public office delivered speeches from a homely piece of wood instead of a fancy raised platform. This particular item was a gift from the 40th President of the United States and the First Lady, Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Imprinted on top with the double-pointed arrow brand used at their vacation ranch, Rancho del Cielo, it is a wry reminder of one small but significant part of our country’s political history. You can read more about this unusual item and see other rare and remarkable pieces of American history at

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Just What is an Ethnographic Art Auction?

You may have noticed that in the past year, Quinn’s Auction Galleries in Falls Church has had a series of Ethnographic Art Auctions. You may be asking yourself, “What exactly are Ethnographic Arts?” These are objects created by indigenous groups such as Native Americans, Africans, Pre-Columbians, and Oceanic Islanders. In short, they are the items many call “tribal art.” These items include those made for religious and secular use within these cultures such as masks, figural sculptures, architectural elements, textiles, clothing, instruments, jewelry, furniture, and many more. Sometimes the items are decorative or made specifically for sale, and at other times the objects are used by the people themselves. As with all art, there are varying degrees of craftsmanship, history, and desirability among dealers and collectors that affect auction values. One of the things collectors look for most is a history of appropriate cultural use. These signs may vary from the way an object is painted to how the holes on a mask or the facial features of a statue have worn over time; all can have a huge effect on auction value. Quinn’s Auction Galleries has notably been selected to sell the Inventory and Collection from the Merton D. Simpson Estate. This Estate boasts an important collection of African, Oceanic, and Native American art in addition to a vast collection of fine art. Part 1 took place on October 1 of this year, there will, however be additional opportunities to see and bid on this important group of objects. Join us for Part 2 on December 3, 2016 and more in Spring 2017.

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