How do I know you will give me what I want for my stuff?

1. There are no guarantees at auction. 2. The auction is a consignment process, which means we have an incentive to make you more money because that will make us more money. 3. We do not create the market but reflect it. With that in mind, if choose to sell through auction you have the ability to have an objective view of an item’s financial worth in the current market. People often find that most of their items have more emotional value than auction value.

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What is the advantage of selling at auction?

An educated staff evaluates and places your item in the place it will make you the most money. Auctions will reach an appropriate and diverse buyer base through utilizing multiple platforms, networking with other area sellers, and a large group of regular bidders.

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What types of auctions do you have?

Our weekly auction will bring you 150,000+ registered bidders in the greater capital area, far more than anyone in this region. Our partner Rasmus, the largest commercial auctioneer in the region, has been online only now for close to 20 years calling their last live auction with us in 2003 when we sold the contents of DC restaurant institution Blackies’ House of Beef and Lulu’s Club Mardi Gras.  Our almost two decade old partnership allows us to bring to you something that others just can’t.  

We offer various specialty auctions, typically one to two a month.  Our specialty sales include: Stamps & Coins, Jewelry & Watches, Dolls, Toys & Trains, Pottery & Porcelain, Military & Firearms, Japanese Art, and many other categories as our clients have items.  We love building sales around your collections.

To find out more about our upcoming auctions, and learn how we can help you sell your items, please contact us at

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Do you ship items?

We no longer ship most items in house. Please direct shipping inquiries to and we will send you a list of shipping providers that we recommend.

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